So Long, My Friend!

She closed the door of the car, looked at me and smiled. Her eyes reflected the depths of despair, the emotional turmoil simmering beneath. I wanted to reach out to her once more, to take her hand and reassure her. It would never be enough to fill the void, though!

As she walked down the road, a part of me walked out with her. It would be long before I see her again. I wish I could be with her, to be the shoulder to lean on. I wish I could drive her around one more time. I wish I could sit with her at the beach one more time. I wish I could hold her one more time. The wavy hair, the naughty smile, the bubbly laughter, the warmth of her hug. The moments stayed on with echoes of her emotion. She looked back before I could call out to her. A wave, and a smile. And she was gone.

The journey back was hard and lonely. Driving through the lanes and roads which we had travelled just an hour before. The frames played out everywhere. The actions, the words, the feelings, the music. They would forever be etched in memory. Those moments created soulful melodies I had never heard before. Interspersed with melancholy notes, a reminder of reality.

She was trying to balance her emotions all through. She came for me, to take time out for me. Though she was crushed within, her smile had cheered me. It was as much about her, as it was about me. The struggle to come to terms with the loss, the battle to fill the vacuum. I wanted to be of help, but she didn’t let me be. Or did she? Time would tell me someday, maybe.

An angel keeps watch over her, shining bright in the sky. Her guiding light and guardian.

The traffic around faded into oblivion, and the sounds receded into the background. Her smile, and the wave remained, along with the warmth and affection.

So long, my friend! Till next time!


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