..an ounce..

An Ounce

For long, I waited for it.
A signal, a sign, an indication.
It never arrived, it never will again.
It was stifled, smothered, suppressed.
My heart yearned, my mind pleaded,
My conscience ached, my limbs folded in prayer.
Despair creeps in, silent like the night;
Lips tremble in fear, eyes deeply shut,
Streams of sweat drenching the body,
Gloom drowning the soul;
Waited, and waited, and waited,
For a shimmer of humanity,
For hope to breathe into…
It never was to be,
As the blade swooped down,
Sending the stream of thought flying in a splatter of blood.
My head in its place, I woke up mumbling:
An ounce of humanity, please!

Vijay Sankar
19 February 2016


One thought on “..an ounce..

  1. Beautifully written!
    In this present world, ‘an ounce of humanity’ is something like ‘over expectation’! Lol!

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