…sparks and fireworks…

It came up casually in one of the conversations during the late afternoon hours in office. My friends asked what inspired me to write one of my poems. It was an interesting question, and his intention was to get an insight into what goes behind the scenes of a poem. The explanation of the actual scenario evoked amused laughter. I wouldn’t blame my friends – the explanation actually sounded comical and silly. As I look back on it, it amuses me too. I wouldn’t call myself a poet – that is too high a pedestal to place me on. The intent of my writings has been personal contentment as I used to write only when I was strangled by emotions. It helped me to feel relieved, letting go of an emotional state.

The question that sparked a frenzy of thoughts was about the spark itself. That one small moment of inspiration – it could happen anywhere. We have seen it happen on the sporting field, we have heard numerous stories of creative genius from the field of art. It could be happening in the field of science too – a slice of time that could spark your Eureka moment (not literally, better not!). It could be anything – seemingly irrelevant, routine stuff, things that you never noticed before. A sound, an expression, a colour – it could work wonders. It could set you on a track you have never been on before. And it could also take you for bumpy rides. It could rip you apart, and it could pain you. You may reach the heights of euphoria and the lows of desperation. All of these could be the result of the spark.

I was recently watching an interview of Harish Sivaramakrishnan, the vocalist and founder of the music band ‘Agam’. In his conversation, he was mentioning the way some of their songs were born. He says it all happened, and nothing was planned. It was an interview I loved watching. It is all about how we take that spark in – and, let the fireworks begin!



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