Double Trouble

That is about the headache which made me skip a day. Second day on the trot and I couldn’t keep myself up with the buzz.

Day #67 – Six & Seven – Cricket & Biscuits…

63 for 6…the scoreboard depicted a bleak picture when I had a look at the India v/s England test match yesterday. Though it was disappointing to see our team on the back foot, it was certainly heartening to see bowlers have the edge. It has been quite some time since sixes and fours started calling the shots in the gentleman’s game, and the batsmen were having a not so gentle time with the bowlers. Ever since the number of runs scored became the benchmark for the entertainment value of the game, it has been heavily loaded in favour of the batsmen. For a change, it felt good to see the bowlers have a ball.

As for the biscuits, they are a constant presence. Krackjack, Monaco, Parle-G, Arrowroot. The favourites have changed with the times but their charm remains. Any day, any time – some hot tea, a pack of biscuits. Well, double it up, make it two. It is always better to have some backup while watching movies or sports.


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