Let There Be Rain

As if it would rain when we proclaim…I wish it were like that…like we see in movies where a swish of the wand is all that is needed…

Day #4

The early morning rains are an excuse to squeeze in few more minutes of sleep…Every time the alarm rings, gratitude is expressed by touching the snooze button…as if the alarm needs to be consoled for crying out to wake us up…

The curtains in my room have been taken off for their periodic water service…and the open windows let in the light as well as the cold morning air…the morning rains are a treat to watch through the windows…the little drops falling off leaves, trickling down to the next set of leaves, and slowly being escorted to the ground beneath…little twinkling drops, the pearls that sustain our existence…


Looking out of the window, I could see the red hibiscus flowers swaying in the breeze, dancing with the raindrops…Nature just seemed to enjoy bringing another day to us…


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