Small makes it Big

Well..not exactly small as in minute…Nature has sprinkled beauty into everything, and it is for us to let it inside…

Day #2

I used to like the company of nature, to have solitary walks…along the road that led to my school…through the gates of Loyola College…the road lined by big trees create a beautiful canopy…the golden rays of the evening sun finds its way through…that calm, soothing atmosphere has a permanent residence in my heart…

Even though I was in touch with nature always, it took me a lot of time to appreciate…it was always there…it always is…The beauty of flowers, butterflies,rays of light filtering through the leaves and branches of trees…the colours that lie hidden in the midst of the smaller beings…

I am forever grateful to a wonderful bunch of photographers who inspired me…it is the spirit infused by them that led me to explore more…to actually see more…it is a humbling experience to realize that our existence in this world is part of a much larger picture…

It is the small, seemingly insignificant bits and pieces that add up to form the big puzzle…whether is it life or a jigsaw, the pieces need to fit together…in case of life, they come in all sizes, shapes and colours…let us fit them together to form a beautiful world around us 🙂


One thought on “Small makes it Big

  1. Love the color(after all, its my fav!)…good capture…a little more light would have been magical?(u know better 🙂 )

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