I would rather kick the starter rather than push the ignition button 🙂

The engine sputters and dies down…starting trouble, I guess…

Getting off the mark with Project 30 and I have titled it ‘Three-O’.

Day #1

Erratic spurts of rainfall accompanied by strong winds have become common here in Trivandrum. Dark clouds gather around pretty quickly, and we look forward to a fairly good amount of rainfall…and it comes, and goes in a jiffy…

Our plans to go for a photo-walk went for a toss as the clouds threatened to let go in the morning…and I thought I would just walk around the house and click something from the garden…

As it was overcast, the light wasn’t all that great…but the sight of this bright yellow flower made up for that…

It was facing down, looking at the ground beneath, yet to wake up from the slumber…yet there was a beauty and elegance that I couldn’t help but admire…well, it would probably have sprang up if there was some sunshine!

Happy and excited to be here after a long gap…and hoping to turn over a new leaf..Revive an old one, rather :-)…


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