…Down The Slope…

Something was out of place there. The table looked slightlyaskew but I thought the balance was sufficient. I was closely scrutinizing it when the slow slide commenced. The little pool of water followed by the shining white pearl beads, then the red coffee mug. The beads rolled over faster than the stream of water. I vaguely remembered something about mass, velocity, acceleration and the dynamics of motion. I rushed to place a vessel to catch them. They were too precious to be lost.I was wondering how to catch the red coffee mug when the books began their slide in style. The letters were jumping out and slid down the slope with glee like kids. I had heard of crossing the T’s anddotting the I’s but how on earth could I pick them by their ears!  All this was happening in slow motion, though. Soon it was an avalanche of characters sliding down the table. The letters were pouring out from the pages of an action thriller. There was little time before the guns would set the table ablaze. It would soon be a light and sound show!

Sandy broke my chain of thoughts with some advice – “You should probably correct the tilt in your clicks”.A few minor touches, few clicks of the mouseand the tilt was set straight. The characters soon traced their way back to the bunkers, the coffee mug was saved from disgrace, and the pearl beads twinkled in approval. As for the stream of water – well, I cloned it off as it had spread a little too much.


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