…when i could only stand and watch…

The Observer



Tears poured from your eyes,

Like raindrops from the skies;

It was but a twist of fate,

I saw it too late.

And I, heart reaching out to you,

Stood my ground, a silent observer.

I kept watch on it,

Your motions unsteady a bit:

I saw your helpless look,

As if dangling by a hook;

It was not your fault,

Fate just preferred a halt;

Without a smile you went,

A feeble one for you, I sent:

You must have seen it

And you must have grasped it;

Words would seem hollow,

And difficult to swallow:

And I, with a troubled heart,

Stood silent, a muted observer.


This was again during my final year in college. I could only stand and watch and not even speak a word.


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