In Solitude

In Solitude                                                                         

Light as a feather it sits,

On the centre of my palm:

Never to be shred into bits,

It’s on to make you calm;

Miles stretch between us

Making so much of a fuss,

That the wind beckons me –

I’ll take it for thee.

Gently, I place the note

Like pinning a rose on a coat;

The wind gives me a salute,

Being an emissary of high repute.

I, too, fly with the breeze,

Feeling perfectly at ease,

As I make my way

Through clouds that are gray.


I’m tired of the long wait,

For my heart carries a heavy weight;

I can hear your soft whisper,

Which is growing crisper;

I can smell your rich perfume,

It’s making my senses fume;

I can see your eyes shine

Looking at me, they are fine;

I can feel you within,

And all my thoughts, you win;

You presence here, I lonh

So that I could sing a song:

Make your way shorter, come back faster,

I’ve been waiting for a while

Longing to see your smile.

I miss you dear: I hope you hear.


18 February 2004


Semester 7, College of Engineering Trivandrum (CET)…

Articles were invited for the college magazine, and this one was published that year in the magazine which was titled ‘Melange’.


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