A Silent Wish

A Silent Wish

It hung there, as though in a trance,

When that dark blanket engulfed,

Refusing to move in the eerie darkness of the night;

It was there – a deep silence –

I could feel it, almost touch it

And I shuddered at the thought.

All around, it was there, an ominous silence;

O, Silence! I pray, speak up, speak up!

The air is still, and the clouds pause,

Beholding the dark invader,

Nailing even the chirpiest of minds

To the iron wall of silence.

But, for now, it is my companion;

A shallow mirth filled me,

Swallowing the infinite silence, not for long;

It bounced off the depths,

Came down hard upon me,

Hurling me, and my thoughts, back in time –

Our dream world disturbed, it left us

With an obscure silence, and heaps of gloom;

But we shall get through, hand in hand.

For now, in this dark expanse – Silence,

Where is thy golden radiance?

A strange murky companion you are:

Beyond my vision, but surely not without a voice.

I am waiting for a voice

The voice of silence, the sound of silence,

Let it ripple through the night.


This one was written immediately after passing out from school. Way back in 2001.

It has been ten years since we left school. But the memories are still so fresh.

The fact that school is just a five-minute walk from home adds to the feeling.


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